Mi T Fence is an authorized, independent dealer of Country Estate Fence, Deck & Railing

Mi T Fence is an authorized, independent dealer of Country Estate Fence, Deck & Railing

As an Authorized Independent Country Estate Dealer, Mi T Fence will come to your home or business to provide an obligation-free quotation to help you complete your projects.

Vinyl fencing was originated by the manufacturers of Country Estate Fence, and like a true innovator, Country Estate Fence continues to outperform traditional fencing products and PVC imitators. Years and years after your decision to use Country Estate Fence around your home, you will have transferred many maintenance dollars and workdays into money saved and days of sheer relaxation.

Both Country Estate products and you must rely on a Country Estate Authorized Independent Dealer/Installer to guarantee his workmanship. Country Estate products can be no better than the quality of the work that goes into the installation. In each area, Country Estate products attempts to find the very best independent, professional dealer/installer to represent us.

Vinyl Decking,Vinyl Fencing,Country Estate Polyvinyl Decking,Fox Valley Authorized Dealer, Wisconsin Country Estate Fence,Mi T Fence,Fox Valley, Green Bay, AppletonVinyl Decking ~ Country Estate® Fences

Country Estate Polyvinyl Decking is beautiful, durable and priced competitive with redwood. It eliminates chemical cleaning and preservation treatments. And this vinyl decking doesn’t squeak when you walk on it. Country Estate Decking is made from 100% virgin PVC. Without the need for waterproofing with sealants or chemicals, Country Estate Decking is a safe play surface for children and pets. Available in white, almond, gray, and adobe.

  •  Always cool to the touch and kind to bare feet. Surface is embossed for a non-slick surface.
  • Much easier to wash than wooden or concrete surfaces.
  • Available in white, gray, almond and adobe.
  • Country Estate Decking is made from 100% virgin PVC.
  • Never discolors from pressure washing or constant exposure to water.
  • Forget slivers, rotting deck or squeaks.
  • No nail heads to snag- snow scoops off easily.
  • No more waterproofing with sealants or chemicals again – a safer play surface for children.

mit-fence-county-fenceVinyl Railing ~ Country Estate® Fences

Country Estate Railings provide a beautiful finishing touch to any property and are free from traditional maintenance. The wide selection of styles provides a beautiful complement for virtually any type of architecture.

All Country Estate Railings (except teardrop baluster) meet or exceed ICC specifications listed in AC-174 and have been independently verified by Architectural Testing Incorporated. You can view the Nebraska Plastics, Inc. Code Compliance Research Report at www.archtest.com.

Country Estate Railings are designed with aesthetics and safety in mind. When properly installed, Country Estate Railings are a beautiful and secure addition to your construction project.

Country Estate Railings are made with 100% virgin polyvinyl and reinforced with a system of aluminum and wood for lasting superior structural integrity.


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